Friday, 30 November 2007

The Secret of the Plunger

Missed you all yesterday - spent too long in the workroom, having a great time. Ages since I've had a whole day of stitch.

Glad you liked the Frome Exhibition. The review will be in the March WoW, Aussie Jo. We have to work a good way ahead. I've got some more reviews to do for March - there seems to be a lot going on in the early spring. Tomorrow (December Wow) you can see a great review of the Ruth Lee exhibition, written by Fiona Dix of the site. It's in the free bit. Here's a pic of the Chapel (should that be ex-chapel?), fairly plain on the outside but I love the windows.

Here's just one more pic - a very delicate mixed media piece from a lady called Sue Conrad. All hers were glazed, so difficult to photograph. Lovely work, I think.

Hey, Sharon - you certainly need WoW - but then I would say that, wouldn't I? I do think that the December issue is one of the best we've had. I got very excited and spent ages trying out some of the ideas. I'll be interested in your feedback, folks.

I think you nearly invented a new technique with the glue, Carole. Pity nothing groundbreaking happened. I don't worry too much about proportions with the glue stitck but, if you put too much in, it doesn't pour well. You still can't stich through it though - it just stops it from being too brittle and snapping. That's why you need to push scrim, fabric or WS paper onto it. These can then be stitched, securing the moulded piece.

Must look into the wormspit site. Love the name. Of course I don't mind the questions - love to share. Do you know of a good mail order site in Canada for all our weird stuff, like puff paint, etc?

Now, what was I doing yesterday? Well, I can't tell until tomorrow, but you can have a guess. It involves a sink plunger and a toilet roll.

An embellished, foiled surface with lots of cut-out stitching applied.

Plus a couple of computer prints on cotton, but I'm not showing you that as it would give the game away!


Unknown said...

Looking forward to my issue of WOW, when will the passwords be sent out?

sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
just noticed you referred Ausie jo, do you have a blog contact for her as she left a comment on my blog and I could't open hers to recpricate. Will go and have a look at WoW now.

Aussie Jo said...

Hi Sharon, I don't have a blog as yet but I have some photos on flickr for Personal Library of Stitches under carlseapatch, you can contact me there.

Aussie Jo said...

Maggie, I think you should write a novel, you're very good at building suspense.

Pat said...

You were right to be excited with the December issue Maggie though I didn't realise you were going to strip!!!! Your article and Linda's have certainly made my fingers itch. Great stuff! My only gripe is that just as I promise myself not to buy anything else you come up with Thermogauze. Well it was going to be a New Year resolution so perhaps I can slide it in before then.

jac said...

Do we want to know ?


jac said...

Wow is just that and I am looking forward to Quilt wow .
I have managed to work out how to post and might get around to a blog page one day !

sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
Had a look at WoW. looks great, think I will join up when i get back, if i have any cash left after a second visit ot Ikea!!
Love the delicate work you showed by Sue Conrad, so fine and meditative.
Sorry to say still can't find you aussie jo, i can only find JO nw on the flikr link!

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