Saturday, 1 December 2007

No Phona for Fiona

Before I explain the secret of the plunger I must tell you that Fiona, who deals with all the WoW queries, has lost her phone line. BT are looking into it!!!! If anyone needs to contact us about passwords or anything else on WoW please email me

The poor girl was away overnight and came home especially early only to find that she can't get at her emails. Clive has been working with her to switch them to us, so hopefully that will happen soon.

While they were struggling I was having a lovely time at the Stanpit Christmas party. Most of us who passed through the City and Guilds course locally did so at the Stanpit Village hall in Christchurch and one of the traditions was the Christmas party. Although, sadly, we have no C&G anymore we have a party with a competition and a speaker. Everyone brings a plate of food and we always have a wonderful spread. The competition theme relates to the speaker and this year we had the fabulous Terri Hitchcock who makes the most amazing dolls. Here is one of her dolls.

The Beyond Stitch group, that I belong to, decided that we would take a creative look at toilet roll dollies (those awful crinolines that used to hide the loo roll, do you remember?)

So now you may have an inkling about the sink plunger. My dolls were based on Clive as the 'Grand Master of the mystic order of the plunger', with me as the Grand Mistress (I'm sure I'd make a grand mistress). Here we are.

I printed our faces out on print ready cotton and then did a lot of stitching. Clive has a red nose because he has a cold. Our cloaks are made from embellished fabric with applied stitching. The sink plungers and loo rolls form the bodies. Tomorrow I'll show more details of the making process. Here is Monica Morgan's doll 'The Devil is in the Detail' which won the prize.

Thermogauze is not too expensive, Pat and I shall be doing more on it next time.

Have we found Aussie Jo yet? Did Carol get her password? (Yes, I sent it to her) Will BT fix Fiona's phone before she goes grey with worry? Tune in tomorrow folks for more fun and games.


Unknown said...

Yes I did get my password and within the hour, Thank you :)
Just love the cloaks on the plunger dollies, great fun

Kate said...

Perhaps you could start a Flickr group, and we'll all post piccies of our own pathetic attempts! I miss those dollies (not that we had one in our house!). I think a modern one is overdue! Have a great weekend! xx

Doreen G said...

I had a yellow one of those loo dolls eek. and I saw one in an op-shop recently.
WOW is fantastic this time Maggie and I can't wait to start on some of the projects.

verobirdie said...

poor Fiona! That is not fair, she is so helpful. She does not deserve this challenge...
I like your dollies !

Julie said...

Wow! (If you'll pardon the unintended pun!) What amazing plunger dollies! They're great. :)