Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Answer is a Mushroom

Well guessed. The fungi folks were on the right track. Hanbury Hall had a mushroom room (is that two rooms?) where they used to grow mushrooms for the estate. Now they grow them for the tearoom. Here's the close up.

They grow them in small trays on a sort of greyish straw and the spores are sewn in a dark compost so it gives great tonal values. The room is half underground and has no windows - apparently this makes for ideal growing conditions.

I have had one of those days where you don't get anything done - just dribs and drabs. Today's lost item was the image that we use to print the 'How to Use Paint Shop Pro' CDROMs. At least that was only on the computer - easier to search than the house.

I have also been writing book reviews for Workshop on the Web. This always takes ages as I get too deep into the books. There is a fabulous new beetle book from Prestel - all close ups of wonderfully colourful bugs. I shall put this chap on to transfer paper and do some stitching on him.


Digitalgran said...

What a beautiful bug Maggie!

Beverley said...

Didn't you find the porcelaine inspiring?