Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Curse of Paperwork

Thanks so much for all the lovely birthday messages. You are all so kind. I've got over the shock of the nasty big birthday now. Had a great evening and decided to have an official birthday next April when we are going to Oz. We shall have a trip on the Ghan - the sleeper train from Darwin to Adelaide. We've been talking about doing it and Dale sent us some literature, so it seems a good birthday treat. Also decided just to go as trippers - not a working trip as it has always been before. It is getting so much more difficult to take all the things one needs when teaching overseas and it is a bit scary to have to stage an impromptu exhibition of work for the benefit of the security men. When I came back from America last year I bought Clive a present of a very large water cannon (he had declared war on a squirrel). Not surprisingly, there was a note to say that my case had been searched!

I have still not unpacked from the weekend course but have been doing some of the paperwork for the Festival Of Quilts. Whatever happened to the paperless office? We should now have lights and a power point - by the end of the day we may have some tables and chairs.

The next job is to play with the Embellisher machine and do something for the WoW products page with this lovely thick wool from 21st Century Yarns. This will not be a great hardship and I'll show you how it turns out tomorrow.


Julie said...

Oz next year sounds a great idea! Especially doing just for yourselves. Enjoy! The yarn looks mouthwatering - look forward to seeing some pics.

Gina said...

Hi Maggie, thought I would leave a comment simply beacause I'm new to this blogging lark too! But isn't it addictive! I'm not quite so computer literate as you so haven't worked out how to mix the text with my picture yet (Fear it may have something to do with the dreaed html)but I'm working on it. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the yarn and the embellisher - mine is due for another play soon! Please look in if you have time!

Penny said...

Maggie I live not far out of Adelaide, at Victor Harbor (lovely seaside town) If you need any thing or need to know anything about the Adelaide end of your wonderful trip let me know. If you would like a day or two on a farm in the country before going on, also let me know, I am very used to organising the overseas judges we have for our Welsh Pony shows. Also think about trying to get a day trip into Kangaroo Island if you can. Easily done from either Adelaide or Victor Harbor.