Thursday, 26 July 2007

Back to the Embellisher

Sorry folks, promised to post yesterday - forgot we were away. I'd been playing on the embellisher with some really chunky yarn from 21st Century. It is really part of a WoW product test but there are so many great products this time that I think this one can have an early outing. Anyway, I built up a background with scrim and wool fibres, pulled the thick wool roving into diamonds and embellished it on top. Just nibbled round the edges to keep the shape. Looked promising, so now I've started adding stitch. Will keep at it - it may be a cushion when it grows up - and show you the next stage, soon.

Yvonne Morton does some very interesting things on the embellisher. She works from the back, using a single needle, and really concentrates on mark making. Her main fabric is a silk felt that she makes from tussah silk, lovely and soft.

As you can see from the reverse of this border, (below) she has used a tan wool fibre on the back to produce the tan marks and black muslin for the black ones. Great effect, isn't it?

My birthday saga took an interesting turn on Tuesday evening when we had a call from daughter Fiona. Could we babysit that night as they had a chance to go out with friends? I should have been more suspicious. When we got there, of course, there were our mates hidden behind the furniture in a wonderfully decorated room. I had declared a total embargo on parties (I hate them) but this was a small select bunch and Fiona produced a meal and a cake, so we had a great time. I just wish I'd worn something other than old jeans and a t-shirt!

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Margaret S said...

Just been playing with a few friends on my embellisher and they were very taken by your book. Love the colours of this wool you have been using.