Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Home Again

Many thanks to all who left messages after the last blog. So exciting to see them all.

In reply to Sue I fear that the Pam Watts book is out of print. The prices are high on Amazon and that is usually a sign. Batsford used to keep almost all their titles going but I guess there are just too many now. I wonder if Val's books will become scarce. Most of the recent titles are in print now but the older ones already go for a good price.

Judy - thanks to the pic I can remember talking to you in Dundee. Isn't this blogging great, makes for a small world. Annette - so good to be back in touch.

Here I am back at home, exhausted and inspired by my Urchfont trip. At the exhibition I met the 'other Maggie' (an old friend) in person, plus other bloggers. The open day was on a smaller scale than usual as the C&G classes were at an interim stage. However it was great to see the work from this, usually it is eclipsed by the assesment pieces. I loved this display by Sian Martin's students - all based on a black and white theme.

Sian's Masterclass were showing some great work and I loved the pieces by Sylvia Grant - all papery with straws and mixed media. Again the mono colour scheme is very appealing.

Elli Woodsford's jacket which combined machine knitting with the embellisher was causing gasps of admiration. I'll put a pic of this up tomorrow as I'm planning to show some of the great things my class did with the embellisher. The book below is by Olga Legg from Textiles 21. The 06 group had some great stuff, too.

Can't leave the subject without encouraging anyone who can get to Urchfont to consider the Machine Embroidery Historic Heirloom C&G run by Janet Crowther. It's all about distressing and ageing (today I feel both aged and distressed) fabric and mixed media, based on a study of old textiles and artifacts. It's run over a series of weekends and is one of the best of the shorter C&Gs.

My stay at Urchfont means that I am now on starvation rations. The food is just so good that it is irresistable. My class were wonderful and are all doing their C&G with Sian on a distant learning basis. We had folk from all over the world, including English Rose (Sarah) who I'd met through this blog. Not everyone comes to the Summer School but those who do have a wonderful time. Sian's tutorials inspired them and they were really buzzing. I worked with them through some metal and mixed media techniques and we had a ball. Pics below from Margaret (top) and Jane (below).

It was good working with Sian and she had some super ideas for the evening sessions, which she taught. I shall certainly use one of my designs, that grew out of her drawing ideas, for a piece soon.

Urchfont have two embellisher machines and the class took to these with enthusiasm. Many of them were new to the machine and, boy, were they hooked. There were so many super things made that I shall have to show you those tomorrow.

Great to hear from from the class Jane - I loved the message (you can run but you can't hide). My grand exit from the class (which continues today) was rather spoiled by forgetting my overnight bag and having to drive quite a way back. Clive, who nobly came to pick me up, went a bit thin around the lips as he turned the car round but I soon convinced him that it was all his fault.


Doreen G said...

Sounds like you had a good time Maggie and I can't wait to see the rest of you photos and we all know it had to be Clives fault don't we.

Susan D said...

Thanks for giving us an insight to what goes on at Urchfont summer classes. I'm doing the C & G Certificate with Sian and you've inspired me to try to attend next year.

Sandy said...

I love seeing all the photos of the pieces. It makes me run to the studio! Sandy

Digitalgran said...

I did enjoy that report Maggie and how I wish I did not live in the sticks at times, lovely though it is.
I had to laugh thinking of Clive's thin lips. Emyr's lips often do that too. The things our poor men put up with.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Great report,looking forward to seeing photos of the work you did with students. I am sorely tempted by the Historic heirlooms course, ever since I saw your brilliant work at Urchfonts exhibition last year. Sorry to have missed Clive,he is a worth his weight in gold!
Best Wishes
the "other"

artexplorer said...

Would love to find more information on the C&G summerschools (could not find it with google). Is there a website with more information?


Fiberina said...

I am also doing C & G with Sian, but sadly live too far away in Australia to get to Urchfont. I would dearly love to go, but your descriptions and piccies are the next best thing. Please keep it up.