Friday, 13 July 2007

Just Before I Go

I wasn't going to post today as I'm off to do a talk in Hull. But I do have just five minutes before I go............ Is this a sign that I'm totally hooked?

Helen Suzanne - loved your sketch blog. Is the idea to do a sketch a day? Yvonne Morton and others had an exhibition once which showed their sketch a day approach - it was so interesting.

Stewcat - lucky you, having a class with Sherrill Kahn. She's doing a WoW article in September and has sent me a couple of pieces to show at the Festival of Quilts next month. Here is a detail of one of them. Just love her work.

Yesterday we had the invasion of the teenagers - well just two, but it seemed more. My grandaughter Lauren and her friend Becky came to play Polymer Clay games. I had a new gizmo to make even-sized beads. it defeated me but Lauren managed to suss it out. Will show you the results when they've finished them.

They have just had a school initiative, working with Cas Holmes, and they were very impressed with the results. We ended with a barbecue and an intellectual discussion on euthanasia. They do cover ethical issues well at their school and it makes for some interesting conversation.

Car packed, Clive hassling - here we go. See you next week.


Susan D said...

Yes, you have well and truly caught the blogging bug.

English Rose said...

yup! Id agree with that, as if you needed a second opinion!! Maggie it was a joy to meet you at Urchfont, and I look forward to seeing you again at Birmingham at the Festival of Quilts. I shall be at the Faces of Arabia stand on the 18/19 Aug, showing off the wonderful skills of our little group in Kuwait.

Jane said...

Maggie, I wish I had half your energy; I haven't finished unpacking from Urchfont yet. Could you put in a good word to St Antony for me, I have managed to lose a little bag I am supposed to be sending to the Waterways exhibition in Gloucester. It's in the house, probably somewhere really safe...