Monday, 23 July 2007

No Work Today

A day off. The course went well and we had some lovely people on it. We went to Yvonne's exhibition, which received a rousing thumbs up, and then for a meal on Saturday evening, which was good. I forgot to take the camera so haven't got any work to show you but they've promised to send me photos of the finished pieces. We had great fun printing on the heavy version of Lutradur for backgrounds (stitches like a dream) and then ironing transfer prints on to more Lutradur and using a soldering iron to burn out motifs. These were applied to the backgrounds.

I am not working today as it is my birthday. A very nasty big one. Clive had a romantic notion of a surprise trip to Paris but when he looked in the diary there was no time! So we went to Pizza Hut and then to see Shrek3 with two daughters and five grandchildren. It was lovely and, I think, just as much fun. The kids are always good entertainment value!

Tonight we're off to our favourite restaurant, so no time to write more. More stitchy bits tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie, glad you're getting a day off, and have a lovely time tonight

Anonymous said...
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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie. Have a great time tonight, and enjoy your evening.
Best wishes

Wendy said...

Happy birthday, I hope you are not in a waterlogged area and have a great evening.

Carol said...

Happy (big) birthday Maggie, hope you had a lovely time.

Doreen G said...

Happy Birthday Maggie --I think there's nothing better than spending birthdays(especially big ones)with family.
Doreen in Canberra

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Maggie, I hope you and you're family had a good time. It's a pity about Paris...but can't have it all.

Julie said...

Happy birthday, Maggie! I hope you've had a great day despite it being a nasty big one! It's my turn on Friday (half way between 2 big ones)so I know how it feels. Forget the number - just enjoy the celebration. Glad you could enjoy being with your family.

Unknown said...

Happy BIrthday Maggie - sounds like you had a great day

Kate North said...

Happy big nasty birthday with a 0!
Hope it was lovely. Oh, and love the idea of printing on lutradur and burning away motifs. Another thing on the "to try" list.

Sue Krekorian said...

Warmest best wishes for a wonderful big one - whichever it was, you don't look it...

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Maggie,
Belated Happy Birthday. I bet you are still younger than me if that is any consolation! grin
Sounds like you had a good day anyway.


Downunderdale said...

Happy Birthday Maggie - many many more to come - Paris next year?

Cyber Fyber said...

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