Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Here we go again

The car is packed for the Knitting & Stitching. Can't see out through the back window, so I will have to depend on the mirrors. I shall pootle along. Note the I word here, as I shall be venturing forth alone. We can't see that we can spare Clive - he has so much to do, with the new magazine coming along fast. It's manageable, but five days is a lot to lose and I will meet up with Jane and Carolyn Sinclair, who is driving her up. We'll have a nice girly time when we have got the exhibition together. It will, no doubt, involve the odd bottle of wine!

I'm looking forward to the exhibitions at the K&S, as it sounds like a great mix this year. I really liked the new NEC venue last year as there was lots of time to talk to people. Some of the traders did not do well, I know, but I think it will build up nicely. Loads of people have said they are coming so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

I was clearing the little camera - the one I use for web shots - when I found this image from the Festival of Quilts. It's a quilt of Gloria Loughman's called Kimberley Mystique.

For me it really captures the feeling of that part of Australia and I'm glad Gloria said I could show the image. More in Workshop on the Web in December. We are looking forward to a trip to Oz early next year. This year has been very hard work and I'm longing for some time off. I am so lucky in that I really love almost everything I do (except the filing) but doing it from seven in the morning until eight or nine at night is over the top. Will be better after the show - might get a whole weekend off! Arti is right about the children growing up so fast. I need a freeze button.

I am suffering from guilt (again) because I only managed to put a couple of pieces in the Wessex Textiles exhibition at Upton House, Poole, which starts on Thursday. However there are so many talented folk in the group that I'm sure I won't be missed. Here is a detail from Brenda Weeks colourful work. I'll put some photos of this exhibition up when I get back.

See you all at the show.


Wendy said...

I check into your blog most days as I find it really inspiring.
How long is the Wessex Exhibition at Poole going to be on for, as it definitely seems worth a visit.
Hope the K&S show goes well with plenty of trade.
best wishes

Sue Wild said...

Good luck with the K&S show. Look forward to the exhibition at Upton House - I live in Poole and hope to go there at the weekend.



Hilary Metcalf said...

I have never heard of 'pootling' - but I do like the sound of it! Safe trip.

Carol said...

Good luck with K&S show, i will be visiting on Sunday and hope to bump into you! Have a lovely time.

artisbliss said...

I hope you had a great time at the K&S show and that you weren't too terribly exhausted when you got home. I'm sure it was a rewarding experience.

Can you tell me if Adirondak (Ranger) alcohol inks would be similar to spirit-soluble dyes, or are the s-s dyes more something for coloring wood? Trying to find something in the states similar to what you describe in Paper, Metal & Stitch.

Digitalgran said...

I'm sure you and Clive felt quite lost without each other! I love that Australian quilt.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Good to see you, yesterday Maggie at the K & S. Great Exhibition, You and Jane- (and Clive -who did most of the work !!-BG-) , are to be congratulated on the wonderful way you exhibited Val's work. Now I must apologise... when I blogged last night on my return...I had forgotten the title of your piece of work. Please slap my wrist and remind me. I had a great day... Ally Pally next-see you there??
Best wishes
Maggie (the other one!)

Susan Lenz said...

Thank you ever so much for all your posts over the past weeks, well months. I avidly read but don't comment much. Yet, I've enjoyed each and every blog entry. Day by day, my excitement has been building.

Though I watched you on three of four days last year in Birmingham, I never really introduced myself. I bought the books, had no idea Valerie Campbell-Harding had died (was a pupil in the class she taught in Louisville, Kentucky), and brought my elder son to watch you work. (He thought you were the "hit" of the entire show.)

I decided not to return for the show in Birmingham this year...mainly because the ballet season hasn't yet open. Instead, I'm headed to London. Birmingham Royal will be at Sadler Wells that weekend.

Your posts have added so much to my excitement. Even Mathias wants to return to see you in action, if he's got the time off. I can hardly wait to see all the things you've mounted, the work you've shared, and finally to shake your hand.
Thank you!