Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Home Stuff

Thanks for the lovely comments. You are all so kind and most encouraging. Yes, the Val exhibition will be at Ally Pally (with me in attendance) and Harrogate (with Jane and Val's two daughters). It's a slightly smaller space at AP but I shall cram in as much as I can. I have a fire hydrant in the display area, so I shall try to make it look like part of the display. Modern art - an installation, perhaps!

Lesley - I'm sure you won't regret getting the embellisher. Quite irresistible.
Trillium, thank you - that's so kind. I do think that Val would have been thrilled with the reaction.

Just realised that I hadn't replied to a couple of comments from last week. Sorry, Wendy - the Wessex Textiles exhibition finishes on Sunday week - the 30th. I'll be there on the 28th & 29th, although I don't have much in the exhibition. I shall probably be frantically stitching some pieces for my book. I am nearly there but there are a few bits I still have to do. I'm working with the rub-away solutions like Image Maker and Picture This. I've never liked them much but there is more to them than meets the eye. Will report back.
Artisbliss - yes, spirit dye and alcohol inks are more or less the same thing. The ones from Ranger are good but they weren't available here when we wrote the book. With the Spirit dyes you need to be sure to get the coloured ones and not the wood tones.

Hilary; pootling is usually a Sunday afternoon activity and does not make you popular on major roads! People who pootle are usually male, with hats, but I like a little pootle from time to time.

Here's another pic or two from the Val exhibition - from the cabinets this time.

The Miao (Miaow!) embroidery that Gina Corrigan was showing at the K&S was lovely. The cat expressed an interest but was disappointed with the explanation. Here is an example.
Here is the stitch consequences piece. The one below was embellished felt decorated with some strange papery material that Margaret Beal gave me to try at the show. I'll find out the name tomorrow. It's lovely on the embellisher. Margaret carved into it with the soldering iron and sent it back. Here it is.

Jane Lemon then cut it into squares and we embellished a silk background for them to go on. Ruth Issett then bore it off and painted a border.

Finally Margaret added the little soldered stars - they have a pattern on and are very cute. It was fun and I shall try to instigate another game at Ally Pally.
Today I have popped down to my local West Country Embroiderers Group to pass on some bits to Carol Dowsett who is teaching there today. Normally I would be joining in but haven't enough energy just now. Carol was teaching her very popular technique with transfer painted tulips that she did for us on Workshop on the Web. The girls were producing lovely things.

A quick trip to the Bank (still in business, I was glad to see) and the Supermarket and here it is, long past lunchtime. At least we now have some food.


verobirdie said...

I like the piece Margaret, Ruth, Jane and you have made. Several techniques and several minds that work really well together.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about my first visit to the K&S in London, and seeing all those wonderful pieces for real! I missed seeing you at the FoQ Maggie, but hope to put that right next month.
(BTW: I got the Flower Stitcher!!)

Mrs Moog said...

I love your stitch consequences piece. It is so fascinating to see everyone's different styles - what a great idea.
I got a lovely phone call today to say the embellisher will be here on Friday - then EVERYTHING round here will become distressed!

Unknown said...

Thank you Maggie for being so sweet and friendly. It must be really weird when complete strangers come up and start chatting as if they know you personally. I suppose this is one of the side effects of blogging, we get a glimpse of your life and feel we are friends.
Thank you also for Val's exhibition, the items look even better in the flesh.

chrissythreads said...

Thanks for the picture of the Miao costume, I'm presently studying these textiles for my degree so I can't wait to get a close look at ally pally. Also I love my embellisher too and so does the puppy and the cats- mainly because when working I end up surrounded by a pile of fabrics and tops which make a great bed or hide and seek area!

Digitalgran said...

What fun you must have had doing that collaborative piece at the show. I love it. I hope to make it to Harrogate so I will be able to see Val's exhibition