Saturday, 1 September 2007

Unmanageable Time

Sorry. I forgot to thank Marjorie and Chrissy for the helpful ideas about Quiltwow. I'll follow up on those. I've spoken to Anne Scott by email (can't remember why) and I've seen the mag. You're right, it's good. Will contact Judy, Chrissie. Again, I have a sneaky feeling she might be the Judy I know.

Susan - your blog is coming on well. I also find it sometimes does funny things to me when I load photos but they usually turn out to be my fault. What annoys me is when it won't move photos down, no matter how many carriage returns you use. I wind up adding a full stop, which works but makes the page look a little as though it has measles.

Tissue paper. I neglected to mention that the tissue gets ripped off when the design is transferred, so the type isn't crucial at all.

Doreen, I don't think I manage time well at all. I don't leave myself any.

Well, I wasn't going to blog today but here I am again. Will have to join bloggers anonymous soon. Back to my meeting with Jane yesterday to finish sorting the Val CH exhibition. We thought we had finished the mounting and then we found another box. How one woman could produce so much wonderful stuff in one lifetime is amazing. The thought of making another two boards was too horrifying so I've bought them home for Clive to do. He doesn't know it yet! To add insult to injury I got stuck in the traffic at Ringwood for half an hour on the way home. Grrrr.

Clive is checking the text on my book and I will be able to print it out and put the photos in the file tonight. Nearly there with the first two sections. Here's a pic that didn't get in. It's water soluble paper, printed with Xpandaprint and then dissolved. This is layered over wrapped pipe-cleaners and hand stitched. I am trying not to have WS paper in this book, but it so wants to get in and I keep having to weed it out.

Here's the detail.

Then there was the September WoW to launch. It looks good - I got some really exciting people, I think. It is always so hard to get a balance. You try to cover all the bases when commissioning and then, for all sorts of valid reasons, some articles don't come in. People seem pleased with September - thanks for all the emails.
Day of rest, tomorrow. See you on Monday.


Leanne Hurren said...

That piece is gorgeous Maggie - if that's something that was left out can't wait to see the book!

Really enjoying reading about your icons and ancient faces - I'm just going to try and find the book you mention.

Julie said...

I agree, Maggie this is absolutely gorgeous. The surface is really rich and full of interest.

SHELAGH said...

Hi Maggie,
I have never met you (yet) went to NEC but was ill......grrr
Have drolled over the Sept issue
You are a great blogger, I am very slow, but have had a terrible personal summer. Back to teaching C & G next week, its still happening in Kettering

Shelagh Folgate