Saturday, 20 October 2007

Artefacts and Distressing

Really is going to be a quickie today as Clive is cooking the dinner and it's nearly ready. It's a bit early but we somehow missed lunch along the way.

Had a great day playing with distressed surfaces. A WoW article from Linda Westerman came in and really got me going. Her work is all based on artefacts - especially long buried pieces, very textured, look like grave goods. I decided to write a companion article as the December WoW had got itself unbalanced and needed some machine stuff. Normally it's hard to find good hand-stitching. These magazines take on a like of their own - it happened with Embroidery when I edited it and it often happens now. You commission a good wide range but all kinds of things happen on the way. Talking to other editors, I think it is a universal truth - the mag is out to get you!

Anyway I'm not complaining as it gave me a chance to play with inks and other exciting stuff.

Glad you are enjoying the Val pics. These will be last for a little while. These are from her book on Celtic knots. .

Here's a drawing page

A page on computer design.

This stencil...

. . .came from the drawing at the top and was used for the stitched pieces further down.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Maggie, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Val's work certainly stands the test of time and influenced so many of us and our thinking. You made me dig out some of the pieces I did with Val's guidance some years ago, but never finished properly. It goes with my current re-newed passion for the Tudors , and I have blogged about it. You have inspired me to revisit the work and take it further. Think I may change the colour scheme though!!
Best wishes

Maggie (the other one!)

Downunderdale said...

Yes Maggie - Marrakech was fantastic and I am now heavily into pink distressed surfaces.....
however York was good today too