Monday, 15 October 2007

Just to say Hi

A very quick post today, as I'm absolutely shattered. It always feels a bit like jetlag after four days of non-stop talking. Clive will have a peaceful couple of days until my voice recovers. Had a wonderful show - everyone was so nice about the Val exhibition. There are some wonderful comments in the book. Sold lots of books. Met up with Dale - here's a pic.

Didn't dare mention the R word to Dale. More about that later. Thought there was some good stuff at the show. The Pfaff exhibition was wonderful. Jan & Jean were very red - Jan was calling their stand the Bordello. Great books again.

Val's family were wonderful and came and gave us a break - so did lots of other kind souls - thanks to Hazel and Janet for all their help and Leslie, Claire and June for the coffees.

I had a great time on the embellisher and made enough pieces for the book, plus some extras which I'll show tomorrow. Found some super new embellishy products and played with them. Val's daughter Sarah was with us yesterday. She teaches art (amongst other things) and is not at all stitchy but she loved the embellisher and made some great pieces. Val would have been proud of her. Pat of gave me two delicious ATCs. Hope you don't mind me showing them, Pat. Just the colours I was using, too.

Arrived home about 9pm last night - just in time to watch a bit of rugby. I have never been at all interested before - seemed to me that a very chunky guy just caught a ball and then lay down with it. However, we were staying with some lovely friends and Peng is very keen. His wife, Peggy warned us that watching with him would be a noisy experience, and it was. The result of his enthusiasm is that I am now hooked on rugby and can't wait for the next match.

Anne - will send address - have been remiss with emails as have hardly had time to eat. Arti - glad there is someone like me. I never remember in time about the gloves. I always think that this will be the time that I don't make a mess. Always wrong.

I have to get my work ready for the photos on Wednesday so will tell more about the show tomorrow.


artisbliss said...

Thanks for taking the time to post even though you were so exhausted. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I enjoyed seeing you and Dale together in one photograph. I've posted photos on my blog of a wonderful event I took part in this past weekend. It was in a lovely Tuscan-style garden in the middle of the plains of Kansas. You should take a look.

Hope you're able to rest and recover in peace!

Pat said...

Mind???? I am honoured to have them shown on your blog, I must give some credit to Lynda Monk though, for it was she who taught this technique on her blog "Purple Missus". Enjoy your rest,I don'expect you'll let it be for long.

Aussie Jo said...

That was a pretty good post for dead exhausted.
I am generally worn out just being at a show for a day, trying to get around and see and do everything possible.
Would love to see some more stuff from the show. I would be interested to hear how it compares to the shows we have here in Australia.