Saturday, 6 October 2007

In Haste

A very quick blog today as I'm feeling a bit frantic. Why does it always take so much time to finish off the last little bits for a project? Not to mention the three large pieces that I still have to do for the book (photo-shoot two days after Ally Pally). A small brainwave suggested that, as I am demoing the Embellisher at Ally Pally show, I could base the last few pieces on that. So I shall spend the next couple of days getting the fabric ready.

Arlee did make me laugh with the 'dinner off the chest' remark. Due to gravity (and the shelf effect) I fear that mine would still sit there however shiny the surface.

I was trying to jazz up my Jersey wallpainting. Here it is again - you've seen it before.

Because it was taken with a handbag camera, in poor light, it's not a good photo. Tarting it up in the software helped a bit, but it was a little monotonal. I printed it on T shirt paper and then painted into the print with inks and a fine pen (see above). It transferred really well onto heavy Lutradur.

I really like the colourful border. Now to carve into it with a soldering iron.


Maggie Grey said...

This is really sad - now I'm talking to myself!

Just had to say that the soldered wall painting looks wonderful and it was all Clive's idea! I was having a bad day with a remarkable lack of success. Now I'm happy again. If at first....

artisbliss said...

Don't worry, Maggie. I talk to myself all the time. I love what you're doing with the fresco photos. Can't wait to see the finished product.