Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Rugby and Taking Silk

Just been having a good laugh at the facebook link. Thanks, Verobirdie. Reminds me of what happened to one of my friends who is very shortsighted and refuses to wear glasses. She had an encounter with a flasher in the park but only realised it ten minutes later when pondering the strange mac action. I do hope he was sufficiently downcast to give up. Thanks for all the thoughts on the rugby, folks. It's good to go off topic sometimes and this is a bit more macho than the cat. Aussie Jo - let's hope they don't try nude pole-dancing - the very thought brings tears to the eyes!

Will look forward to seeing you at the K&S, Leanne. Sunday is a good day, not quite so frantic. Some of Val's family are coming visiting on Saturday and I do hope they like the exhibition. It's a pity they couldn't get to the NEC as we had a bigger space there.

I do look forward to seeing Dale, Doreen, although last year she was missing from her post every single time I went to see her. Ian was coping manfully, though.

I have packed and am working on some stuff for the demos as it is a good chance to catch up with some work. I printed out another computer design - this time a repeat pattern - and laid it on felt before embellishing. Mixed a little silk and then worked a tiny bit from the back. Promising, I think. Hope to work on yesterday's design at the show.

Fiona and Phil are moving in while we are away and Phil is going to decorate our hall and stairs. Fee has offered to do all the emptying and moving furniture - noble, eh? So we should come back to a lovely tidy house.


chrissythreads said...

Hi Maggie,
I am up to my neck in silk threads and silk felt at the moment as I am studying Miao for part of my degree unfortunately so is the puppy who is insisting on parading about with it in his mouth at the moment much to the bemusement of the rest of the animal family. I'm coming up to K&S on Sunday and am looking forward to seeing you and Val's work perhaps I could also leave something with you about the Eastern Region Textile Forum we are launching next year for WOW and QuiltWOW.

Anne said...

Hello Maggie,
Sorry for writing here but you can delete this non relevant comment. It seems that you did not see my last comment about the Barcelona pictures. Can you send me your postal address on may email address?
Again congratulations! Your work is amazingly cute.
nanouanne (Anne Prunet)

artisbliss said...

What hilarious irony--a flasher trying to get a reaction from someone who can't see him well enough to figure out what he's doing. Sounds like he needs a new career.

My hands are orange and purple from my current dyeing projets. Never could stand to wear gloves.

Your work is stunning. You are an inspiration.

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