Friday, 5 October 2007

Val Anniversary

I'm glad you all like the Flower Stitcher article. I can't wait to get the book and the show out of the way so I can have a play, too. This gizmo doesn't fit all machines but it is often possible to buy a shank adapter to make it fit. Thanks, Kate, for the info about Jaycotts - a very keen price, too. One more piece of advice about the FS: it sometimes seizes up, usually quite soon after you have got it. Just oil it and it should be fine. I was much amused by Dale Rollerson's blog as she has found an original flower stitcher (they have been going for quite a while) and persuaded the owner to swap it for a new one. This reminded me of Aladdin - new lamps for old - and I suggested that if she rubs the old one, Constance Howard might pop up. She was definitely the genie of creative stitchery!
Penny - will you put your Picasa postcard on your blog? Would love to see it. Glad you like the Quiltwow taster. I do think it is very clever of Carol to write about about a piece of software that everyone can use. She is working on some Shibori scarves for the December issue - they are so lovely.
I have been thinking so much about Val - it is exactly a year ago today that she died. She must have decided that I needed a boost as I have finished three big pieces for the book and I'm sure she was pushing me on. I distinctly heard her say 'Put that down, Maggie, that piece is finished'. She was always very strict about not overworking an embroidery. I think it is a universal problem - knowing when you've done enough, but not too much. Here is a very early cushion of Val's, loaned for the exhibition by Julie Smith. I think it is transfer paint, ironed through a stencil with very simple hand stitching. A revolutionary idea back then. We didn't have room for it at the show so it's good to be able to show you here.
I have moved on to my last few book pieces and I'm having fun ironing transfer prints on to felt and then using the embellisher. It breaks down the slightly waxy surface very well and then fibres can be added. I hope to continue with these explorations at the K&S next week.


arlee said...

MMM , i really like the idea of breaking up that too slick transfer surface! I hate it when dinner slips off my chest :}

Marie said...

I wanted to say thanks for the FS article too - reminded me that I had one and finally tried it out ... haven't finished my piece yet, but it was fun getting the perfect circles....!
PS your piece above is stunning!!


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hi Mags

I have tagged you,details on my blog... have fun. Best wishes