Thursday, 18 October 2007

More of Val's Work

Wendy - love the oven idea. Will get Yellow pages out tomorrow and do that.
I agree, Virobirdie that retirement seems an unlikely option at the moment. Too many exciting things going on.
You must come over, Aussie-Jo. It's well worth it and I'm sure that somehow it could be tax deductable. Bring your espresso machine and I'll hire you as show coffee maker - on a contract basis, of course!
Arti - Cat's thumbs - if they had them, we'd be under them!

I'm so wanting to play some more with the abaca tissue, Kate. It looks so much like a broken metallic surface. I was using Oliver Twists tissue at the show - her colours are so good that I don't bother to dye much these days. Steff Francis, too. Between the two of them, they keep me going. If I do colour the paper I use the Ranger Adirondak sprays. Tomorrow I will try to spray with a dark colour and then use a Moonshadow Mist on top. I think this technique could be extended with embossing powders, too. Now I've finished the book I can get down to some serious playing.

The photoshoot went well yesterday and seems under control. Michael had to take a photo of me drawing something and I managed to do it without giggling or wobbling about. Good trips both ways and home by 4.30. No more long drives for a while, I hope.

Met my friend Carolyn today in Christchurch. She brought some of Val's work back from the NEC for us. We could have filled another stand twice as big.

Here is one of Val's book wraps - this one is on a blue theme. She used Cyanotype fabric and produced transparencies on the PC. You need to make them into negative images before exposing to the sun.

This one used jig-saw puzzle pieces.


Some cyclamen prints from a Search Press CD (I think).

And good pieces made from the fabrics - torn into strips. Here are the cyclamen again, scanned into embroidery software. I'm fairly sure I stitched these out for her. They look familiar.
Plus a detail.


Woven strips knotted to a frame. Lovely work - she was so inventive.

I can keep going for a few more days with Val's samples - are you getting fed up yet? Let me know.


Ruth said...

I love the samples you show of Val's work - don't stop, please!

Doreen G said...

Never get fed up with looking at Val's work

Aussie Jo said...

Val's work is simply inspiring.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, please, do show more of Val's work; I'm drinking it in. Although I've been so silent about it, I do appreciate your posts so much.

Moira Anne Dickson said... way! You're right, Val's work was so inventive. Wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing them and yes please to some more.