Friday, 26 October 2007

Dribbly Glue and Embellishing

Chrissythreads - I think the time to stop working on a piece is usually, in my case, just before you actually do. I am fine when I'm working on a big piece as I almost always design these before I start. It may not be a fancy design - often it is just a working drawing - but this, I find, is the best way to satisfaction. My problem comes when I am working on 'intuitive' pieces, where you just play and see what happens. That's when I get carried away. I think your method of stopping and looking is the best way for these. Anyway, disasters can be cut up and stitched into other pieces, so it is all about recycling.

I do think that crumpled pages are quite good, Artisbliss. I usually use PVA glue or Golden acrylic medium as adhesives. I paste lots of pages together and then l place non stick paper either side of them and put a weight on top. This does help. Here is another of my book pages with a little bit of shrinking plastic on the left and some glue gun dribble on the right. The glue is painted black and then gilded with wax.

Nanouanne - very odd that you're having trouble with the Quiltwow site as it has been quite busy this morning. It won't go wrong for me! I'm talking to the site people and have emailed you, so I'm sure we'll sort it out. Have always been pleased with the Protx people as the site has been very stable for the several years we've been using it. How do people get on with Paypal? I've had trouble in the past but I think it is better since Google took it over. Do let me know what you think.

Today I finally feel better. Went to bed really early and woke up ready to do some serious work. I love doing the products page for WoW as it's lots of fun trying all the new stuff. I even did some dyeing (which I don't usually like) and it worked. Then I got to play with the embellisher for the first time in ages. Here is a little sample from a pack that 21st Century Yarns have come up with. I have always liked their thick wool rovings as you can make shapes with them and embellish the edges. In the pack were two squares of felt with a matching roving and it really looks as though the felt is carved with these rovings protruding.

I did a whole piece with the pack but will save that for my product report. This is just a taster.

Next on the list is some new ink from Dale - how much more excitement can I take!


Julie said...

I have used Paypal for several purchases recently and have not had any problems. They just take the price from my credit card. No problems up to now, touch wood!

Digitalgran said...

I visit your blog for the first time in weeks Maggie only to find that you have been poorly too. I do hope you are recovering. Sometimes taking things to help a cold seems to make it hang on longer. Maybe that's what I did. I know I've put on weight with all the honey and whisky in hot water I took. 2 large pots of honey!

Carol said...

Love the colour of the last piece Maggie, glad to hear your feeling better.

Doreen G said...

I love the technique with glue drizzles-we tried it at our Wowies group after it was in WOW and we all had a great time.
Love the embellisher piece also.

stitching in the sun said...

Hallo Meg, I just visited your blog for the first time and I love it! I find it so brimming with images and ideas and life that it will take me some time to savour it all, new and old posts. I met you during your workshop at Sian's summer school in Urchfont ... I was the good Italian girl flown in from Rome. I shall keep in touch!