Monday, 8 October 2007

Further Displacements

A much calmer day today. I even had time to do some proofing for Workshop on the Web. The December articles are looking good and there are two new techniques (to me anyway) that I can't wait to try.

I am packing up my demo stuff for Ally Pally. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and use my demos to do the last two pieces for the Image to Stitch book. I thought about printing a design on some fine silk, using BubbleJet Set. It's not as good as the ready-to-print silk but OK for embellishing experiments. Then the silk would be applied to a base using the embellisher.

I hit on a good idea for a design. Here's how it went:

I scanned in one of OliverTwists inspiration packs in Silver Birch.


Then I scanned in a drawing of the centre of an ammonite. Drew this when I was having a big thing about fossils.


Used the ammonite pic as a Displacement map for the Oliver Twist scan.


Plan to apply the printed silk to felt and embellish with items from the pack. Possibly will hand stitch with the yarns. Can't wait to get started.

Have been following Dale's Rugby enthusiasms - so sorry the All Black's lost. I love their ceremony before the matches. Someone on the radio today suggested that the French should do the can-can before their matches. The Irish could do something from Riverdance. From what I remember (through an alcoholic haze) of the Forums, the Ozzies would probably take all their clothes off. What would the Poms do? Morris dancing, perhaps - or a little ballet. Any ideas?


Downunderdale said...

without being disasteful (and remember I have totally lost interest in the rugby now - silly game)the Poms already do the morris dance with their silly costumes...cheers Dale supposed to be packing

arlee said...

OOOO. if only Displacement was always as lovely as that!!

artisbliss said...

Beautiful examples, Maggie. It seems you're always packing up to go somewhere. Where do you get all your energy? Marvelous. Have a great time at Ally Pally.

Leanne Hurren said...

Love the fossil images Maggie.

I;ve succumbed at the last minute and am coming to Ally Pally on SUnday. I can't stay away despite the fact I hate the heat and crowds there!

Will try and get to say hello!

verobirdie said...

Maggie, let me disagree with you on a tiny detail: i'm glad the Frenchies did win (though I did not expect them to). OK, as a French, I'm partial :-) And I liked the way our players were staring at the all blacks when they did the haka.:-)
Here is my suggestion for the dance

More seriously, your example is beautiful.
Have a nice time at ally pally.

M Dawson said...

Please!!!!! No talk of naked Australians while I eat my cereal!!!!!!

Doreen G said...

Have a great time at Ally Pally Maggie---you and Dale in the same building at the same time is too much for me to even think about.

Aussie Jo said...

Sounds like you ended up somewhere very interesting in Oz. Pole dancing is the new fitness craze here!!!

Julie said...

Not seen this displacement thing before. It looks beautiful - I particularly like the ammonite shape. Thanks for sharing your idea. Good luck at Ally Pally. I will be going to Harrogate. Can't wait!