Thursday, 13 December 2007

Clive Grey BA

Hooray, Clive has passed his last Open University exam and has now finished the course, only two points short of a distinction. He started it to keep his mind active, before he knew how much activity I had planned for him. It has been a struggle keeping it going and I do admire him for sticking at it. He started off with Art History but the course was so politically correct that it missed out most of the major art movements unless they featured women. However, with the OU, it is a pic'n'mix so he did some interesting stuff ranging from sustainable energy to creative writing.

Vicki - on the subject of PC we found another one today. I bought some Christmas cards and inside the greeting was 'Winter Wishes'. How do you wish someone a winter?
The 'no arguments' clause was a first for us, Julie. We hardly ever fall out, but the Christmas Tree does it for us every time. Must be turning into old softies.
While I was getting ready for my weekend class I found two lovely boards of Val's. We had a project where we both had to prepare a design based on our names. Then we swapped over to work on them. I worked a design in PSP on Mags. It is top, left on the board below.
Val took my Mags design and put it through a pixelation filter to make it suitable for beadwork. She then produced two super boards with letters from the design. You can see the M below - worked on a bead loom.

And here is the G.

Wonderful beaded chains. I've never got very into beading - too regular for me but Val did make me learn how to do chains. I like them better when they have been dunked in the Melting Pot.

Just been to the smallest grandchild's Christmas play. It was lovely, but a tad overlong and two hours of sitting on mini chairs is very hard on the bum.
I shall be off to Urchfont tomorrow - talk to you on Monday and hope to have pics of the course.


Vicki W said...

Oh wow! The beaded Mags is awesome!

My winter wishes to you are to have a Merry Christmas and stay warm!

Jane said...
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Jane said...

A big well done to Clive - I did my degree with the OU (six years of maths and computing) so I know how much work it is.

Grangry said...

Well done Clive. Congratulations!

Digitalgran said...

Heartiest congratulations to Clive!
Lovely work by Val on your Mags theme.
I'm not sure I'm looking forward as much to my grandsons school concert tomorrow after your reminder of those tiny chairs. But they would be so disappointed if I didn't go wouldn't they?

sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
Congrats to Clive, that 's a major achievement, I graduated 11 years ago and my OH still bears the scars LOL. So I know how much work is involved in a BA.
All that beading, what a lot of patience!
I had a lovely surprise today. When I bought my embellisher I was supposed to receive a book and a second needle unit with it, but they were out of stock, and today it arrived! and guess what? it's yours and Val's Embellish and Stitch, I was delighted, I can't wait to get stuck in!!

Julie said...

Congratulations Clive on your success. I started an Open College of the Arts course and dropped out after 3 years without completing so I admire you for completing your degree and working so hard at the same time.

Lyke Thorpe said...

Congrats Clive for sticking it out, and getting your BA degree. well done. and merry christmas to you both.

English Rose said...

Many congratulations clive, that is a wonderful achievment, and a great early christmas present.
Just to be completely non PC, I hope you both have a very happy christmas, we have just been to a christmas concert here in Kuwait, very strange to be singing and listening to carols with the temperature still reasonably warm and the sun shining.

M Dawson said...


WELL DONE CLIVE!!! Well done indeed, and how clever to stick with it and do so well.

I loved the beaded ideas Maggie but you did make me smile with the bead dipping :-)) many a beader would probably squeel at that :-))

Here in New Zealand it's getting warmer and warmer and we have our tree up (strange) but its up on a table so the cat's and kittens can't reach it!

I am also enjoying QuiltWow a lot and bought (before I subscribed) a nice neatly cut stack of brightly coloured squared that will work a treat for the lovely patchwork bag.