Monday, 17 December 2007

An Urchfont Christmas

It was a great weekend at Urchfont and the girls did some really good stuff. Lovely to be there at the same time as Sian, too. Hello to Christine, a blog follower who was on the course. A very creative lady who did good work (see landscape below) and invented altered computer printing. Did it all dry out all right? More on Urchfont later.

First of all, Clive would like to say a big thank you to all for the congrats. You're right Jane, it is a very tough course and certainly not an easy option. I was really surprised at the amount of work and the depth of the course. I am a little worried that now he won't have his nose into his books he will have time to see all the dubious stuff that I get up to.

Margaret - think of the marks on the bum from mini chairs as love tokens. Oh dear, that sounds a bit suggestive - think I'll have to rephrase that before Em sees it. I got back from Urchfont in time for the candlelight carols and it was lovely. The hard church pews sorted out my twingy back at the same time.

It's really cold here and the frost this morning looked like snow. It must be strange to have heat at Christmas. Although we have a son in Sydney, I can never tear myself away from the grandchildren to go over for Chrimbo dinner on the beach. 'Throw another turkey on the barbie', doesn't have quite the same ring about it.

Marjorie - glad you are enjoying Quiltwow. I intend to have a go at that bag with embroidered squares. I'm not a quilter but that one tempted me too.

Back to Urchfont. I don't usually teach residentials due to lack of time but I always love it when I do. Especially Urchfont where the food is wonderful. I'm still chomping Gaviscon. We had a Christmas dinner on Saturday night - here we are with our hats on.

I had got all dressed up on Friday night to get it over with - didn't know about the special dinner. I peaked too soon. Val loved Urchfont at Christmas and always did what she called a Christmas silly, which is how I came to be there. Not sure ours was silly enough but we did laugh a lot. Here's a few pics of the work.

The beginning of a long hanging from Cindy.

A lovely tonal piece from Maggie.

Another landscape from Jane.

I'll put some more up tomorrow as I want to get to the shops early. Meanwhile here is the sheep sculpture that Maggie Harris showed on her blog a while back. He is proving that all along he was a reindeer in sheep's clothing.


Megan said...


The answer to knowing if you were silly enough at the Christmas Silly is this saying of my grandma's - "We laughed and laughed and laughed till the tears ran down our legs".

I could never quite appreciate the truth in that statement till after I had my three children.

If you ever visit your Sydney dwelling son you'll have to come and say hi!

Have a great Christmas - love reading your blog!


sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
Urchfont looked brilliant!! it is nice to spend uninterrupted time with people on the same wave- length. husband's do their best but it doesn't take long before the eyes glaze over and the sneakily change the subject LOL.
What love work, I particularly liked Christine's landscapes and as for the sheepreindeer, what can I say?
I've never been to Urchfont, but I've heard about it from a friend, so I think I'll have to go to one of their exhibitions next year.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

You have now thrown me the challenge of changing the lamb in my garden into a rheindeer too! Loved it the other day, when 3 year old Jessica said to me... Nanny you have a sheeps in your garden. No... chimed in the older grandchildren.. its a lamb. Whats a baby Rheindeer called?
Urchfont at Christmas is magical. Lucky you.

Best Wishes
Maggie (the other one)

Carole said...

Hi Maggie and all other readers:
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2008.
Looking forward to a creative new year with lots of blogging. Carole (from Kelowna,BC)

Digitalgran said...

Don't worry Maggie, Em doesn't see half the things I get on the internet(smile) As it happens the school concert was held in the village hall with lovely plushy chairs.
I remember when one of your grand children called your fossil an old snail.