Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ding Dong and Stuff

The Christmas visit to the chunky guy in red went off well, in spite of Jake telling him that no-one had been good this year. They still got a lovely present and the train ride was even longer this year. Nice to have a visit from a granddaughter on the blog. Glad you enjoyed the visit Lauren, and managed not to fall out of the carriage this year!

The youngest granddaughter (6) changed schools a couple of months ago and I asked her how she liked the new class, which is rather more politically correct than the last one. She said 'It's OK, but we did nothing for Halloween, didn't even dress up.' This evidently was a serious business as she then heaved a great sigh and said 'It was the worst day of my life'. I'm still chuckling about it.

Anna - I'd heard from Hazel that the course was good. Janet is an excellent teacher. Val would be so pleased.

Carole - we must get you blogging. It is such fun. I'm typing away here all on my own and imagining you all out there. It is so lovely to get comments, too.

Aussie Jo - what a long holiday - no excuse for you.

Arti - I forgot the camera - how daft is that!

Today I was supposed to be getting ready for Urchfont but was overtaken by displacement activities in the form of:

a) the need to eat and therefore to shop
b) having to get the proofs to Batsford
c) lovely sunny day for a walk
d) Christmas decorations

As I'm not home from Urchfont until late Sunday afternoon we will have to go straight to the local Candlelit Carols and one needs to come home to a Christmassy house and have mince pies. It's a lovely service and the church is lit only with candles (which actually means you can't see the hymn sheet and you have to wear old clothes as you come out covered in red candle wax) and another of our traditions. So we decided to do the decs today.


Broken baubles one
Falls from ladder none
Arguments about how to put up the tree none
Non shining fairy lights none

Probably our best result in 24 years.

The wood-working son-in-law (TWWSIL) made me a new mantlepiece this year. It is made from pearwood (not sapient, I'm glad to say) and it looks lovely with a garland on it. I know it should be real but our house is hot and they don't last five minutes.

I had a blue theme in the little sitting room.

The closest I've come to a textile today is to gaze at these two lovely silk paper pieces from Val at Silk Sacks. Maybe tomorrow.


Vicki W said...

Oh your poor Granddaughter. Sometimes I think we have really screwed up childhood by going way overboard with the PC stuff. Your decorations are beautiful!

Ruth said...

Great decorations and lucky you with no mishaps! My lights worked before I put them on the tree but once up, stopped working. Had to go out in the midst and buy more.

Julie said...

I had to chuckle at your "Arguments none". Quite an achievement really. I always think I know best when it comes to decorating the tree! Those silk paper pieces are beautiful.

Lyke Thorpe said...

Love you blog post, I try and visit as often as I can, but time is so short. I don't know how you manage all that you do; do you ever sleep? we get up a 7 am (or try to) but the dark mornings just make me want to hibernate. I am expecting grand child no. 5 by the end of the year! never thought I would have a fifth as the parents to be are a bit elderly 52 and 41 and its their first.!!!!