Thursday, 27 December 2007

Multiple Equipment Failure

That went quickly, didn't it? Thank you all so much for your good wishes. I have missed blogging and am back here at the first opportunity.

We had a lovely family time which was only slightly affected by the fact that the oven followed the example of the laptop and packed up. We had visitors at the time so it was an interesting exercise in damage limitation. Thank heaven for the microwave.

This was Christmas Eve, no chance of buying another one, so on Christmas Day we had to cook a large turkey in the small top oven. It was decided to remove its limbs to make it fit and it was at this point that the electric carving knife gave up! At least that was the third thing. Anyway, we managed very well. I was so pleased that the big family meal on Boxing day was outsourced to a local restaurant this year.

In the morning of Christmas Eve we took the three biggest grandchildren to the movies (saving daughter's sanity) to see The Golden Compass. I was so worried that the filmakers would ruin the story, but it was wonderful. The cinema was full of overexcited children beforehand but everyone was spellbound during the film. The children haven't stopped talking about it and we have had wide ranging philosophical discussions about souls, religion and whether Leo's hamster could turn into a daemon. Great stuff.

We went for a walk just as it was getting dark on Christmas day and I took these swoopy pics. One of Val's ideas - you set the camera to night setting and then swoop slowly over a light source when you've pressed the shutter. Takes a bit of practice but it's great fun. I've got it in the book with ideas for using the results. Margaret R has a lovely 'proper' night pic on her blog.

The one above was a fast swoop of a brightly lit house. The pic below was slower and you can just see the shape of a star (and a couple of cars). Good time of year to play this game.

I'm off to buy a new laptop - the cooker can wait but I need 'puter power now!


sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
Good to see you blogging again! I had the same problem many years ago and had to get my OH to break the turkey's back to get it in the top oven, but at least it saved the day. Anyone would think these E/L appliances talk to each other and arrange a general strike just for Xmas LOL!!
I really wanted to see the Golden Compass before Xmas but didn't get much response from my DH so maybe I'll encourage him to go in the New Year or go with one of the GC's before it comes off the cinema.
Which book features the night swoopy pics, I'd be very interested to see what you do with them.

Julie said...

What a great idea with the camera Maggie. I shall have to go for a walk round our estate and try it out. Thank you for the idea. :)

arlee said...

Beats having to run the beast through a band saw to make it fit in the oven :}Frozen turkey makes a horrendous noise when treated this way!

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

Hi Maggie, I live in the US and have also been curious about emulsion paints. Found this thru google.
Most water-based paints are "latex" paints*. Latex is also called emulsion, and in some countries, such as England, latex paints are referred to as emulsion paints.
Linda T

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Great idea with the camera went out for a walk round the estate yesterday evening came back with some interesting results, these will make backgrounds for paintings.
Going out again to-night (the neighbours think i am mad)

English Rose said...

crikey Maggie, it never rains but it pours! still at least you have had your 3 things gone wrong now.
We took the children to see the golden compass on boxing day - a normal day here in sunny but cold kuwait, and we all really enjoyed it. I hope they make the other 2 books into films and complete the trilogy.
have you got a release date for your book yet? or have I missed that info from a previous blog?