Sunday, 9 December 2007

Quiltwow, Books and Father Christmas

Well, Quilwow is launched and seems to be going down very well. I'm particularly pleased with the pics which, thanks to my new way of reducing them for the web, look good and clear. Do let me know what you think of it.

I think you need to get a blog, Carole, so we can see your UTEE experiments. Or have you got one tucked away somewhere? Have you tried the stuff they sell to colour the UTEE - I think it is called To Dye For, but I may be getting muddled. Jane Wild got good results from it. If I get time this week I will have a go.

I am teaching an embellisher course at Urchfont College next weekend so I must get ready for that. I don't usually do residentials but this was one that Val was booked to teach and they asked me so nicely that I couldn't refuse. I know I will enjoy it, but I also know that I will put on even more weight. The food is so good there. All these Christmas lunches have me feeling as stuffed as the turkey.

The other excitement has been proofing the Image to Stitch book. Here is a double page spread that you might recognise. The small piece, left hand page, bottom is one of Val's which I scanned and put through a Displacement Map. The right hand pic shows my gauntlet - remember that? It doesn't look much like one from this angle but I like the way the soldered edges show. It is made from a variety of prints - transfer and ExtravOrganza, plus quite a bit of constructional stitching on Wireform.

They have done such a good job with the book. I tried a new approach when sending it in and made up a file of double page spreads so I could judge the amount of text and the size of pic. Usually I just rabbit on, marking where the pics go, until I have the correct total word count.

I must go as I have an appointment with Father Christmas at the local garden centre. They do a train ride, through a winter wonderland, which seems to be a very long way - due to all the loops and bends. All our grandchildren love it and it is an annual event with drinks and toasted tea cakes afterwards. All for charity, too. Even the fourteen year old is not too cool to accompany us.

Sue - I had the front half, of course. The back is much too antisocial.


Lauren (: said...

Of course, I'm not too cool to join youu on our visit to Santa!
I love it, it's amazing every year!!
See youu soon,


Unknown said...

Would love to see the work you do at Urchfont next weekend. I've just come home this afternoon from our Heirloom weekend with Janet there. I am so lucky being so close but I know what you mean about hte food I won't eat for a week!! Can't wait for the book!! Must sub to Quilt WOW.

Carole said...

Hi Maggie: This has actually been my first experience with blogging and I have enjoyed your blog very much; it is great fun. So, no secret blog hidden away. Haven't tried the To dye for product so will be interested in your explorations. Great success this weekend with silk fusion using my silk hankies. I gave up on trying to dye them (couldn't find anyone local who carried the Adirondack you suggested) so decided to use them au naturel for silk paper instead. I love the way the edges show up. Used my cocoons and carrier rods too so I am feeling quite smug. Wish I go could go to your embellisher course but just a little too far! Carole

Aussie Jo said...

Maggie, I can't wait to see and buy your new book, it looks sensational.
Hi Carole,
I too would love to see all the items you are describing. I'm hoping to have time to set up a blog over the Xmas holidays (We have 5-6 weeks here in sunny Oz).

artisbliss said...

I hope you took photos of the train ride. It sounds lovely, and how nice to have this tradition with your grandchildren.

Digitalgran said...

The photos in Quiltwow are excellent Maggie.