Monday, 27 August 2007

Back to the Bucket

Hey Rosemary, just been to your blog. I really approve of your choice of books - especially Stitch, Dissolve etc. Having said that, I loved the Bonesetter's Daughter too. I also rate The Time Travellers Wife (only the title really relates, here) as one of my favourite ever books. Clive and I usually share the same liking for books but he didn't like this at all. I can't get to sleep without a good book, although I don't have time to read much in the daytime.

Leanne - I hadn't got around to using the Monshadow Spritz on black until I tried it on the envelopes. It really is much nicer. I have ordered lots of new colours and will report back.

Here is a photo which will cause much mirth to our American friends. This is known as a bucket barbecue. It came about when the grandchildren were visiting once, unexpectedly, and we couldn't be bothered to get the proper barbie out. They thought the sight of Clive, sitting on a bucket with several disposable barbies (perched on upturned flower pots) hilarious and now spurn the normal method. So it has become a family tradition at least once in the school hols to have the bucket version.

It was not such a clever idea today when the whole boiling of kids and grandkids, plus a boyfriend turned up. Too many, too noisy, too exhausting!
It was better when we got to the ice cream stage.

This is a cross section - some were missing. Fiona, of Wow fame, is sitting on the decking at the front. We did have fun but I may never see the cat again! She got smoked out from her bush, ran the gamut of kids to gain access to the house and was last seen under a bed.

Not much work done today, you will gather. I finished a scroll yesterday and was pleased with it. I've also been playing with InkAid on metal for the new book. This is fabulous but involves taping metal shim to printer paper and printing on it. Not sure that anyone but me would be daft enough to try so it may not go in the Image to Stitch book.


Kate North said...

I think The Time Traveller's Wife might be more of a girl book - my DH and I, who often enjoy the same fiction, had the same difference of opinion as you and yours on that one...

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Maggie
I have used inkAID on metal shim quite a lot and the results have been brilliant.
I have also stylus embossed them too and the print stays.
A couple of them are now incorporated into a book cover and a hanging.
Trying to remember how I adhered the shim to the paper - i think 505 worked and 2 sided cellotap - so that makes 2 of us.

Shirley Sherris