Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I Hate Packing

Especially packing for the shows. We try to look slightly more respectable than usual so there is always the hateful ironing to be done. (There's a family joke about Clive having to go through quality control before he's allowed out. This is not true.) Then there's the demo materials, the work for the stand display, the stuff for the workshop. I need to lay down in a darkened room for the rest of the day. Nearly there now though and I've just had time to play with an exciting goodie.

I wanted to make a companion piece to my 'Genetics of the Fruit Bowl', which was about how long apples and oranges last and are they GMing them? The piece was worked on the embellisher with stitched insets - detail below.
I thought I'd continue the fruit theme and combine it with the Adam & Eve work. The title arrived in my head - 'Apples and Origins' - the garden, the serpent - all the stuff I'd been working on. Grandaughter Lauren did some of the preparation by embellishing on the felt. I wanted the central piece to be Adam & Eve in a landscape so I printed out a digital photo onto some new transfer paper from America.

As it was to be embossed I put it on felt, which is usually quite waxy, even if you iron it afterwards. This stuff is brilliant and really goes into the fibres. It's from a firm called Hyatt and they don't sell it in the UK yet. I'm sure I can persuade some of our mail order folks to stock it. I'll let you know.

Off to do some more packing - see you next week.


Unknown said...

It was lovely to see you and speak to you today at the Quilt show. You were very busy as always and it was great to see some of your pieces of work in the flesh (speaking of which I thought Clive looked very smart and presentable!). Your stall was better this year in that there was more room around it for us to see, last year was a bit squashed.

Leanne Hurren said...

Didn't get chance to speak to you at the show. I'm really hoping you'll blog about your workshop as I couldn't get on it! Lady at Ario told me you were using moonshadow inks and mists on it and as I've just bought loads I'm eager for tips!

Margaret S said...

You were so busy Sunday at the Festival that I didn't get the opportunity to talk only watch you dem the embellisher. Great to see you and Clive in the flesh so to speak and to examine some of your works, I was the one scouring the walls at the back of your stall! Just signed up to WOW so going to get going!!