Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Quick Chat

Just a quick reply as I may not blog tomorrow - got a Quiltwow meeting that may go on a bit.
The Val exhibition will be at Harrogate, Fiona. I can't get there as I'm teaching so Jane Lemon and Val's daughters, Sarah and Louise will be stewarding.

I think the NEC K&S will grow, Carol. I much prefer the venue to Ally Pally.
Had a look at your blog Susan - looks good. Not sure about the goosebumps. I usually get them when the work is going badly!

We had a power cut this afternoon. Very frustrating, with so much to do. Everything I wanted to do needed power and there is a horrid feeling of being in limbo. So we went and did the food shopping instead.


M Dawson said...


I have been catching up on your blog and found the Quiltwow page (yes I am that far behind...).

A thought occurred to me. Quilting is huge here in New Zealand, and NZ Quilter Magazine a nice and shiny quarterly publication that caters for Kiwi quilters. I wonder if you might be able to contact their editor Anne Scott who is a really nice person, she might be interested in an article or something. The NZQ email is


chrissythreads said...

Hi Maggie,
one of my fellow OPUS students is a Quilt Artist and teacher based in Mantoulin Island in Canada, Her name is Judy Martin and her blog is I'm sure she would be interested in quiltwow and would pass the word.