Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A little help...

Linda - I like the whole idea of including notes, lists, anything personal. For a long time now I've had an idea in my head for a series of works based around the notes that the family leave. It could go right through the years - the lovey-dovey bit, ferrying the kids around, the dreaded teenagers and, who knows what the empty-nesters would write? Could get quite excited about it. Font is Bradley Hand, one of my faves.

Doreen - you must get out the soluble paper. There's so much you can do with it.
Marie - just loved your collage a day blog. Great idea.

Today I have had my apprentice in to help with some embellishing. Lauren loves the embellisher and she helped me with the background for the Genetics of the Fruit bowl piece. The splashes on her jacket are part of its pattern. Honestly!



Now we plan a sequel which will be called 'Apples and Origins'. It will continue the fruit bowl theme but will combine with the Adam and Eve piece that I blogged about a while ago. You will gather from this that I have lots of pieces on the go at once. They only ever all get finished when an exhibition looms.

There will be fig leaves involved, too and the Adam and Eve figures. I've got a rough sketch but will work it up into a design. Must teach Lauren properly. We decided on the same shape as Genetics so we got cracking by ironing on Bondaweb and foiling it. Then Lauren started adding silks and denim fibres. She really loved these. (Cool).

I will continue at the Festival of Quilts, building up the surface with chiffon and making holes to insert the stitched pieces. Do come and have a look if you are at the NEC next week

Must go now as there is a thunderstorm and we tend to disconnect the telephone wires ever since our telegraph pole got hit by lightning and wiped out everything from the pcs, modems, faxes to the phones.

My mother used to open both the front and back doors when there was a storm so that the lightning bolt could go straight through. Our house had both doors on the same side so we always used to joke about putting a notice up in the hall 'Lightning, this way!'


Linda B. said...

Many thanks - I do of course have Bradley hand, have just tried it in fact!

As for (busy)empty nester notes, try:
'Gone to the gym' - him,
'Gone to quilt meeting, got the hammer and heat gun' - me (Of course!)

Digitalgran said...

I am so jealous of your helper Maggie. Mine is now 17 and she's far too busy for lovely visits to help in my 'loft'. What a lovely time we used to have. Enjoy!

Julie said...

I'll look forward to seeing your progress Maggie next week. I have only just seen your article in Aug/Sept Stitch with this "Genetics" piece in. I'll look forward to seeing it in the flesh. The orange and blue work well together. As you say, embellishers are becoming a "must have" tool and open up so many creative opportunities. How much longer can I resist?

Janet Taylor said...

My husband works shifts, and when he's on nights we don't see each other for several days. So our notes were often "I've fed the dog", as we discovered that he was getting fed twice (or not at all) !

Anonymous said...

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