Saturday, 25 August 2007

Sunshine and Stitch

Kate: sorry we were so busy - or perhaps not sorry about that (it would be awful to demo to yourself), but it would have been good to say Hello. Rosemary, Vancouver is my most favourite place. I've been lucky enough to teach there twice and to share an exhibition with Jane Dunnewold. It's also the home of Bonnie, Ron and Panda - two of my favourite people and certainly my favourite dog! Would love to come back. Linda and Laura Kemshall had an exhibition at FibreEssence. Did anyone get to see it?

Yesterday I was determined to get down to some serious work but the Bernina had other ideas and I spent the first hour taking the race to bits. Isn't that frustrating? Concluded that something has happened to the timing so that will another thing to get fixed. Back to my trusty Janome which has been a fixture on the dining table for a while. It's the one I use most for hooped embroidery and I had forgotten how well it performs for free machining.

So, it was a happy time stitching away with the french doors open and the CD player going full belt. Until Clive came in and reminded me that was why I got an Ipod - so the road doesn't have to share my musical tastes!

I was working on computer printed cartridge paper. It's so good if you coat it with InkAid first. Inspired by Sherrill Kahn, who has a weaving article in September's Workshop on the Web. She has some great ideas and I was expanding on some of them. It's a fantastic article. Here is one of her pieces from it.

I had a lovely surprise from Kathleen Kay. I sent her some info and pics for her C&G studies and she sent me one of her enamelled brooches as a thank you. It's so lovely that I scanned it and made this little design from it. I shall use the brooch as the focal point and print the scans on fabric. Might even stitch, as I so enjoyed yesterday. Summer at last.


Leanne Hurren said...

Thanks for the update on your workshop at FOQ. I have a couple of Glitz Spritz's and hadn't used them on black yet. I tried them on black tissue paper - wow!! GORGEOUS, YUMMY, SCRUMMY. Thanks for reminding me! I had used them on white and over moonshadow mists but not the same at all!

Julie said...

I love the image of you stitching away with your music blasting out -it brought a smile to my face :o)) I like what you've done with the enamelled brooch and can't wait to see Sherrill Kahn's article in WOW - your pic of her work made me go "wow!".

Anonymous said...

I haven't made it over to FiberEssence for quite awhile, will try to do so soon.