Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Day After the Day

I did mean to blog yesterday but exhaustion set in. We both find that we are OK the day after a big event (like the Festival of Quilts) but it's the next day that we are shattered. It may also have had something to do with the invasion of four grandchildren! Actually they were all very good, even the smallest, who usually lets the side down.
Thanks for all the messages. Do, please leave comments - it's so nice to get them. Julie, the piece is lovely. I buy my MoonShadow stuff from Ario, Sue, and they have the ink, too. Haven't tried that yet. Francoise - you came from Belgium - was that just for the show? Fiona - I so agree about Jo Budd. Love her Dry Dock series and have a photo that I hope to use in the December WoW report. I also loved the Oz girl, Gloria Loughman, wonderful use of pattern.
I've almost finished unpacking and even managed to do quite a lot of work on an article for December Workshop on the Web. Such a lot of interest in inks that I thought I'd do something on that. My friend Jane does some great stuff and Dale has been posting some interesting inky stuff, too. Perhaps she'll let me show a couple of her samples. Haven't found the Apples & Origins stuff yet so will show that later.
I've been working on the Image to Stitch book this morning (and it's only 8am). Wanted to try using Displacement Maps for the purpose of extending one textile into a series. I started with a small piece of Val's, based on an egg and dart border pattern, using Paint Shop Pro 9.

Then I displaced it, using a photo of the wonderful Maggie Hambling shell sculpture which is on Aldeburgh (Suffolk) sea front. This gave me the following result.

Tiling it was interesting and would certainly stretch the original into a quilt.
But my favourite was this which resulted from one of the images given in the program. It looks like cut outs, edged with satin stitch. Will try to stitch this on a black silk background. Another one for the book. This book is already too big so tomorrow I will be pruning it.

Today we have to go into Bournemouth to do some money things. I hope it will be a quick trip but I fear we shall be diverted into the coffee shop that does such great scones. I'll let you know.


Wendy said...

Loved the look of these displacements. I thought you might find this artist interesting she would be fab for the new magazine, :) Wendy

Mermaid's Purse said...

That last image is fabulous - like a finished piece in itself!

Unknown said...

This looks so cool Maggie. Do you allready know when the book comes out? I feel such a pity that I couldn't see the show, it must have been really great. I am gonna save for next year. I'll be there!!!

Unknown said...

Could you pllease provide more info on where yuo obtain the displacement programme is it in Photoshop or PSP


A wonderful result and I agree with Jaqueline, such a pity that I couldn´t see the show.

Lis in Denmark said...

Maggie, I was so glad to go to the half day class at the Festival of Quilts, also it was nice to see what you are doing with the felting machine, you had done something with lace all over, I should have asked you how you had done that piece, and was it painted afterwards? I should have looked more carefully but there was so much to look at, and I will be back next year. Lis W. from Denmark

Judy Rys said...

Love the displacements and the final design is fantastic. The black background really makes the colors pop.