Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Interesting about your other half's reaction, Kate. Hadn't thought of it as chic lit, but I think you may be right. I've looked at your book list and we have much the same taste. I'm going to try some of yours that I haven't read. My current reading is the one about Freud in Manhattan, solving murders. The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld. Haven't got right into it yet but looks promising.

A little known fact about a book. Did you know that the lady who does the church embroidery in P D James book The Lighthouse is based on Jane Lemon? PD came to stay with Jane and was fascinated by her ecclesiastic commissions. They still keep in touch and Jane said that she is a delightful person.

Shirley, I'm glad you are a brave soul with the InkAid. Perhaps I will leave it in the book, after all. It's such a fantastic result that it's worth the hassle. Even worth buying a cheapy printer just for weird stuff. I have an old Epson that I bought from Val, years ago. It's still gives great results. Here is one of my InkAid trials. I made it for an icon type piece, but should have had more contrast in the colour - something you have to watch out for with a metal backing. I may paint over the top with alcohol inks as I rather like the face looking pale and interesting. It will need some stitching, too.

Today I am not allowing myself to work on my book as I have so many odds and ends to clear up. I must also do the 'words' part for the Val CH exhibition. Jane and I have finished mounting all the samples at last. We are theming it by her books so I need to type up all the book details and mount them to go with the boards. I must also do a mini history/CV. It has been keeping me awake at night and I'll be better when it is done.

However, I was so enjoying the book playing that I am sulking and having trouble getting down to work. I have filled several hours with the following, totally unnecessary, displacement activities:

  • Cleaned out fridge ( not much left after the locust invasion yesterday).

  • Read Sky magazine ( absolute rubbish)

  • Accompanied Clive to the local tip and persuaded him into a walk by the river.

  • Chatted to lots of people by email - including a conversation with Dale about whether it is more tiring to fill a large rubbish skip or feed five grandchildren. Decided on grandchildren.

  • Given the cat an enema. I was actually trying to put some anti furball stuff in its mouth but it turned round quickly. We are now both traumatised.

  • Drivelled on in this blog.

I'm going to do it. Now!


Gina said...

Maggie, I get exhausted just reading about everything you do! I'm sure you can't sleep at all - you are an inspiration to the rest of us!

Unknown said...

Thanks Maggie, you've got me laughing out loud this afternoon :-) - maybe you should immortalise that cat in stitch!

Doreen G said...

I love reading your blog maggie --I feel as though you are sitting here with me and we are having a chat-albeit one sided.
Only a few more sleeps to go.WOW

Anonymous said...

Poor you and the cat, she is probably approaching you with great caution now.
I am another PD James fan, also Elizabeth George is a big favorite.

Julie said...

What a day you've had! And as for your poor cat..... I hope you've both recovered now. I am sure you'll feel reinvigorated soon. The walk by the river sounds a good idea.

M Dawson said...

I recognized the style of the picture Maggie!

It's one of those wonderful ones that used to be on the top of (um, thinks hard) mummies or such like isn't it? I still have several treasured postcards from an exhibition of them at the British Museum some years ago and wanted to do something with them myself (although mine will probably be coloured pencil work or decorative painting now), I found them wonderful to see with resonances of icons, and more recent portraits.