Thursday, 2 August 2007

Of Wood, Ink and Books

Hey, I never knew that Moonshadow inks existed until Dale told me a few days ago. Been using the Mists for ages. What have I been missing? Thanks to all who gave suppliers - see yesterday's comments. I've been using The Stamp Attic for ages - she is great and very fast. This blogging is so good for info sharing.

I think that it is time to introduce a particularly creative member of my family to you. This is Phil - the wood-working son in law. That is too long to type so he will be known as TWWSIL. Husband of Fiona, who many will know from WoW. He is to wood as we are to fabric - can't resist it. He has a stash and going with him to a woodstore is just like being with a quilter in a fabric shop. The furniture he makes is lovely - very Macintosh and he uses his own designs. He sometimes makes frames for me. Here are a couple - not good pics but I've sold both pieces so can't take new.

I hope he doesn't see the one I distressed - when I got it, it was wonderfully smooth and oiled, but I soon put a stop to that!

Phil writes for lots of the Woodwork magazines and has always wanted to write a book so yesterday we had a meeting with Michael Wicks, who did such a wonderful job on Embellish and Stitch. Michael is well known as a photographer but he is also skilled at book layouts, as E&S proves. He was very excited about Phil's work and I think the book will happen. Michael turned out to be a keen wood worker too, so we lost them in Phil's workshop for ages.

I must say that I loved the immediacy of doing a book with MW. The pages were constructed around the pics and anything that needed changing could happen very quickly. It would be impossible for any main stream publisher to work in this way.

I will keep you posted on the Phil book but now, it's time for coffee.


Helen Suzanne said...

This made me smile Maggie. How does it feel to be on the other side of an obsession? Folk get a glazed expression when I start on Fabric stuff unless they're equally nuts about it too :) It must have been so much fun for him meeting Michael.

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