Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year from my Sofa

I am so excited - in a silly sort of way, of course. To explain, I have to tell you that Clive's attitude to computers (and possibly life in general) can be summed up by the phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Mine however is more in the 'What the heck - let's try it anyway' line of thinking.

This is why we have never got as far as enabling our wi-fi internet options. However the wwsil came round today with the express intention of giving me the right to roam. I can now use my new laptop while lying on the floor - like so.

Or, with the cat's help, from the sofa, in my sitting room. She always likes to sit on her cat-rag on my head.

Not a very flattering pic, but one that I feel encapsulates my feeling of freedom, while allowing a view up my nose.

I have used the opportunity of escape from my desk to rack up some credit card usage in the M&S Sale. Perhaps Clive was wise in keeping me under control when I sat next to him. What with buying new laptops, ovens and so on we shall be broke.

Thanks for all the comments on my latest domestic disaster. I agree that the best thing for me to do is keep out of the kitchen altogether.

I would like to thank you all for bearing with this blog through the highs, the lows and the messy bits (especially lately) of my life. Your comments have made me think, made me laugh and have kept me blogging. Please keep them up and I do wish everyone the happiest 2008.


gilby said...

Hi Maggie
Have a very Happy New Year.

Carole said...

Dear Maggie: You have become an old friend...thanks for sharing your adventures, misadventures and inspiring example to try new stuff! It has been lots of fun and I look forward to "dropping in" daily. All the best in 2008 to you and your family. Carole (from Kelowna, BC). A special hello to Clive.

Lorraine said...

Happy New Year, Maggie! Greetings from the Pacific NW. I just love your blog, though it's a poor substitute for being in one of your classes again. I guess it will have to do for now :-(. Hope you'll be back across the pond soon.

hippopip said...

very Happy & healthy New Year to you both,life wouldn`t be as much fun without your blog and WWW.

sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
As a fairly recent visitor to your blog I'd like to echo what the others have said, and have very much enjoyed all your interesting posts and have learned a lot along the way.
Have a very happy NY.
All the very best

Susan D said...

Happy New Year Maggie! Look forward to reading your blog in 2008 hopefully without any more kitchen disasters.

Aussie Jo said...

Happy New year Maggie
It's great fun reading your blogs and it's nice to know creative geniuses also have domestic disasters

Digitalgran said...

Oh dear Maggie, I love that position of yours on the floor, I'm not sure I could do it any more!
You have come through some hard times in the last few days, but of course you are a survivor and came out smiling.
A very happy new year to you both. It's so good to have you blogging.

Pat said...

Happy New Year Maggie, just don't take that laptop in the kitchen!!!!

Carol said...

Hi Maggie your blogs have kept me going all over Christmas and New year. It is nice to know other people have disasters. My husband managed to drive over my handbag which contained 2 mobile phones and my camara.( I only had the glasses from the pound shop in there luckily). On a more positive side I bought a pfaff embellisher and sent to you for your book which arrived very quickly. I am embellishing like mad now, but I have already got through 2 packs of needles!
All the best

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Maggie,
Happy New year to you and Clive. I hope all your kitchen disasters will get solved quickly, I see you did the right thing and sorted the computer out first!
I love the new computing positions... very elegant! grin

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Maggie!!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Happy New Year Maggie and Clive.

Have you instructed Clive that now you laptop is WIFI... its breakfast in bed every morning? The freedom is great. My only problem now is with Skype, firstly making sure I have painted my face on before I answer, and secondly that I am not still in bed. Failing that, I switch the camera off!
Enjoy the freedom. Have you sat at the bottom of the garden yet?
Best Wishes

Julie said...

Happy New Year Maggie to you and Clive. I love reading your blog, it's entertaining and you are very generous with your work. Have a good 2008.

Jill said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm enjoying "Paper, Metal & Stitch" which was at the top of my Christmas list.
I'm Program Co-Chair for a guild in Wisconsin and was wondering if by any chance you will be in the US at all in 2009. We would love to have a workshop with you!! I know it's a long shot but us fiber artist are risk-takers, right?

Thanks much,

Marian Hall said...

Hi Maggie,

I have been enjoying your blog very much. As you have written about embellisher needles recently I wondered whether you could offer me some advice, please, with my Bernina attachment. A couple of weekends ago I did some experiments and no meedles broke at all and this last weekend I went through literally 1 and 1/2 packets of Bernina needles. I was using fabrics that I have used before too so I'm a bit baffled. If the Babylock and Janome needles are stronger perhaps I should try those...if they fit of course!

Any advice would be gratefully received.